My Love



I saw us for the first time,

and it took my breath away.

I knew then that

you were my love.

I could not deny it,

neither did I want to.

I want the world to know

that it is you.

But, they can’t know.

Fear holds me back,

making me doubt.

Not you,

but them.

Those who will disown,



Because you happen to be my love.

You care for me,

treat me well,

covet time with me,

speak beautiful words.

However, you are also a female.

And, somehow, that becomes

all that they see.

That you and I happen to be

of the same sex.

A love deemed a sin,

something to be ashamed of.

But, you are beautiful and kind,

and you are mine.

I want to show you to the world,

to tell them all what we have.

But, I cannot.

My heart aches because it is both

full of love and

full of fear.

Because you are my love.

My love.

My love.