Reckless Abandon


I do not know

what to believe.

I cannot reconcile

between what it says

and what is done.

I wonder if He really is the one.

What makes it right

and the others wrong?

Why must it be one,

and why not all the others?

I ask for help,

yet denied it is my request.

I turn to the next.

And, I am brought in

to be loved and cherished

to be challenged and valued

to be taught and heard

to be respected.

From you I have learned

that I and all have worth

that openness and acceptance

are imperative for social change.

I have felt that I can do anything,

but only once my faith was abandoned.

So, it was abandoned, and I can do anything.

Reckless abandon takes a new meaning.

I know who I am and who you are.

For you are far more open than they ever were.

I know your hopes and fears

your past and your present.

You are real and tangible.

You have championed me, and I will never forget.

With reckless abandon,

I run into uncharted territory

and hope.