Less than one day,

and I miss you.

I close my eyes

and see your face,

the way you smile,

smirking ever so slightly

the light in your eyes

when you look at me as if

I am all you will need

the curve of your lips

as they are about to meet mine.

I block out the sounds of the world

and hear your voice,

your laughter

the quick succession of words

flowing from you

as you share the details of your life

the off-key singing that

I would give anything to hear right now

the raspy voice you have in the morning

when you have just woken up

and roll over to look at me.

I can feel your body

pushed against mine

fitting as if it was always meant to be there

warmth radiating from you

as you pull me closer

the weight of your hand in mine

reminding me that I am safe

the snug feeling of being wrapped in your arms

our bodies seeming to be one

as you lay with me.

It has been less than one day,

and I am lost without you.



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