I am awash in a sea of feminism

surrounded by beauty that floats around me.

Beauty that is fierce and determined

and, at the same time, light hearted and joyous.

We are out at sea, surrounded by beauty,

and all seems well.

We laugh and talk of the future,

one where equality reigns.

Admiring those who came before us

and yearning to learn from those around us.

We are celebrating little victories that come to us

as rolling waves that gently wash over us, as if the sea is laughing with us.

We are grieving as the soft waves turn to white caps,

and we are swept away in temporary defeat.

But, we do not allow it to taint the sea.

For, it is not the sea who is to blame for inconsistencies,

rather we must blame the moon that has been dominating the sea.

From the beginning the moon has directed the sea,

and it is up to us to challenge what has been.

If the sea never takes a stand, it will always be at the mercy of the tides.

That is why I am here, awash in a sea of feminism.

I delight in the fact that the sea is growing and becoming stronger.

New beauties are joining the sea each day,

and that is all the sea needs for now.

As the sea continues, majestically and regally,

equality will be demanded as the sea reaches all corners of the earth.




Nothing More


Nothing more

than a fight for change

Nothing more

than a will to be

Nothing more

than a feminist

Nothing more

than a belief in the right to choose

Nothing more

than a supporter of LGBTQ rights

Nothing more

than a hater of racism

Nothing more

than a lover of academia

Nothing more

than an aspiring psychologist

Nothing more

than anxiety attacks

Nothing more

than getting lost in a good book

Nothing more

than my renounced faith

Nothing more than

a daughter, sister, niece, and granddaughter

Nothing more than

a sarcastic comment

Nothing more than

an introvert

Nothing more than

staying in bed long after awakening

Nothing more than

hiking alone

Nothing more than

learning from others

Nothing more than

a friend and confidant

Nothing more than

a wine drinker

Nothing more than

a few words

Nothing more.


Reckless Abandon


I do not know

what to believe.

I cannot reconcile

between what it says

and what is done.

I wonder if He really is the one.

What makes it right

and the others wrong?

Why must it be one,

and why not all the others?

I ask for help,

yet denied it is my request.

I turn to the next.

And, I am brought in

to be loved and cherished

to be challenged and valued

to be taught and heard

to be respected.

From you I have learned

that I and all have worth

that openness and acceptance

are imperative for social change.

I have felt that I can do anything,

but only once my faith was abandoned.

So, it was abandoned, and I can do anything.

Reckless abandon takes a new meaning.

I know who I am and who you are.

For you are far more open than they ever were.

I know your hopes and fears

your past and your present.

You are real and tangible.

You have championed me, and I will never forget.

With reckless abandon,

I run into uncharted territory

and hope.



I sat,


Could it really be?

That I am the one?

That it is left up to we?

Those before do not see as we see.

They scoff at feminist

and cling to racism.

Yet, agism they ignore.

They say those lesbians and those gays.

They refer to her as an it.

As if their inability to understand is her fault.

As if their blindness, pettiness, incompetencies

are somehow our fault.

They blame it on we.

Those millennials they scream.

Perhaps they’ve forgotten

it was they who raised we.



foolish, they say.

All the while,



understanding, says we.

We says be who you are,

it’s quite okay with me.

After all, who is we to say who you should be?

So, be who you are

and we will do the same,

hoping we will one day raise children

who will continue in that way.

Yet, we will understand

if they do not

knowing that our they once had the same hopes for we.